As a Clinical Psychologist based in Stellenbosch I have been fortunate to have had a rich variety of experiences and training in multiple psychotherapeutic modalities. I mainly work from an insight-oriented attachment perspective, approaching each client's needs individually. As such, I draw from person-centred, gestalt, systemic and psychodynamic theories and techniques to meet the client's unique needs.

As part of an integrative approach, considering the whole person within the wider system, I include body-mind practices, such as TRE® as well as mindfulness practices including mindfulness meditation and mindful movement.

I obtained my MA Clinical Psychology degree (cum laude) in addition to a BA Honours degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (cum laude). I completed my internship and community service in psychiatric and children's hospitals respectively. As part of my continuous development I also recently completed my TRE® (Trauma/ Tension Release Qualification Level II) and completed training in mindful movement through the Mindsight Institute in London. 

I am passionate about the journey of discovery, growth and development that each individual embarks on and believe the therapeutic relationship to be the most important element in the therapy process.